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What Is Medical Record Retrieval?

Medical record retrieval is the process of retrieving all medical documents needed to support a client’s case both for a lawsuit and when filing a claim and negotiating with insurance companies. Over the years, the medical record retrieval process has become more accessible with the influx of technology and companies that specialize as medical record retrieval providers.

Still, the process of placing medical records requests and accessing patient medical records can be highly time-consuming, burdensome, and requires incredible attention to detail. For these reasons, many law firms and other legal practices hire outside medical record retrieval companies experienced with the workflow processes to ensure efficient and accurate medical record retrieval, especially when working on mass torts.

Law firms that hire medical record retrieval companies for this specific task can obtain medical records needed by their firm to advocate for their clients more quickly. They can also obtain more accurate documents and ultimately free up the time of staff, case managers, and lawyers, leading to a more efficient firm.

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How Does Medical Record Retrieval Work?

Medical records include health records, health plans, files, images, or other documents and information created or prepared for a patient by physicians, other care providers, health clinics, hospitals, or healthcare representatives. Most hospitals and doctors are now storing records in a digital format, rather than or in addition to a paper form.

With virtual versions of documents now common, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) allows hospitals and doctors to more efficiently store and keep track of each patient’s medical records, enabling medical record retrieval companies ready access to medical records needed for law firms. Medical record retrieval specialists have relationships with hospitals, doctors, and healthcare workers to help simplify the process of obtaining a patient’s records if they’re involved in a lawsuit. These companies ensure they act in compliance with both federal and state healthcare laws to secure patient records.